Hytrol’s parcel conveyor solutions are engineered to provide best-in-class material handling solutions to accommodate the specific application needs of the ground-based and overnight deliveries of some of the world’s largest post and parcel carriers. We have a state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing cell dedicated to manufacturing conveyors to meet the needs of the growing parcel industry.

Parcel Belt

Parcel belt conveyors are robust and designed to meet the demanding needs of the parcel industry. They are constructed with modular designs that are ideal for the wear and tear of highspeed parcel and can accommodate rapid maintenance and repair. The conveyor belts come in widths of 19-60 inches, lengths of 150 feet, and are available for all courier specification types.

Hytrol's solutions
  • HSS
  • BPC

Belted Conveyor

Belted conveyors are a good solution in the parcel industry for gapping and accumulation applications. They work well for conveying products with irregular bottom surfaces and applications where stability is critical. The conveyors are available in slider bed or roller bed options and incline and decline models. Hytrol’s conveyors also integrate with EZLogic® technology for zero-pressure accumulation.

Hytrol's solutions
  • RBE24EZ


Parcel sortation conveyors must execute with precision at very fast rate of speed. Hytrol’s line of sliding shoe sorters is designed for high-speed applications where product diverting needs to be positive and gentle while maintaining the throughput needed.

Hytrol's solutions
  • ProSort 100
  • ProSort 400

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