Plug-N-Go Cabling System

Plug-N-Go® Package

Available To Use With

  • ProLogix®
  • GapLogix®
  • ZipLogix®

Plug-N-Go® is standard on GapLogix® and ZipLogix®, and is a recommended option for ProLogix®.

Plug-N-Go® is designed to save on installation time and cost. All electrical devices are quick connected by cables to the I/O blocks, therefore no licensed electrician is required to install the Plug-N-Go® cabling. It is very easy to install with the factory labeled cables and I/O blocks. Easy to follow instructions are provided for installing the cable trough and attaching the blocks, and drawings are provided to assist with connecting the electrical devices. Wiring mistakes requiring time-consuming rewiring is virtually eliminated.

ProLogix® Hytrol Plug-N-Go®

Plug-N-Go® Cabling System

Maximizes throughput where 2 to 1, 3 to 1, & 4 to 1 combiners zip product to a single line.

  • Cost Effective Pre-Engineered Solutions
  • Save Money On Installation Cost & Time
  • Patented Quick-Connect, Push-On Cabling
  • Custom Engineered & Pre-Assembled
  • No Wiring Debug = Quick Startup
  • Speed, Reliability, & Simplicity

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