E24™ - 24 Volt Conveyor

What is the E24™?

E2424 volt Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors are being widely used due to their simplicity and flexibility. Since the drive train is distributed along the conveyor length a single piece of equipment can perform multiple functions. This includes different speeds, multiple directions and starting/stopping individual sections.

Until now, service was a major determining factor in selecting MDR equipment. Hytrol's E24™ has been designed from the ground up to provide the best 24 volt conveyor drive technology in existence.

The E24™ offers benefits simply not found in other conveyor technologies:

  • Safe, Quiet & Energy Efficient 24 VDC Operation
  • Modular Design for Easy Configuration & Minimal Maintenance
  • Robust, Long-Life Motor
  • Transport, Minimum Pressure and Zero Pressure Versions Available
  • Minimum Conveyor Width Not Limited by Drive Components
  • Greater Speed Options: Conveyor Speed Not Based on Fixed Gear Ratios - Speed Range Determined by Drive Spool Diameter
  • Multiple Motors per Zone for Long Zones
  • Availability – One Motor for All Widths and Speeds Means One Motor to Stock
  • Higher Torque Than Motorized Rollers
  • Fewer Motors Required for Transport Conveyor

E24™ — 24 Volt Conveyor Features & Benefits

What E24™ is...What E24™ Does... (For You)
No Air Requirement
  • Eliminates the need for air to your conveyor system, if it isn't already needed.
Long Life Expectancy
  • 125,000 hour design life, which is 10 years of continuous operation.
Decentralized Drive System
  • Simple to install.
  • Smaller drives located throughout the length of the unit offer the ability to change speed and/or direction on specific conveyor zones.
  • Smart use of power - No energy requirements when product isn't flowing (sleep mode).
External Motor
  • Less failure of internal components due to great heat dissipation.
  • Conveyor elevations can be lower, due to the space saving design.
  • With one motor design for all conveyor widths, there is no need to stock multiple part numbers.
2 Standard Mounting Options
  • Allows for more creativity in the design of your system.
  • With the drive out of the way, it is easy to maintain.
Motor with No Gears or Brushes
  • Safe and very quiet operation.
  • Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance.
High Torque and Low RPM
  • Provides the necessary power to handle larger products.
  • Offers more flexibility in design by having large zones with fewer motors.
Variable Speed Adjustment
  • Increases throughput options.
  • Flexible conveyor speeds that are easily changed with control cards.
  • Greater speed range with simple spool replacement.
Designed to Work with EZ Logic®
  • Allows multiple options for accumulating product.
These are only a few obvious examples of the features and benefits of the E24™ conveyor line. E24™ is sustainable simply by the lack of needed inventory, longer lifetime and no heat dissipation issues like powered rollers, etc.

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