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Connex™ — Hytrol’s plastic chain conveying solution — delivers the flexibility and modularity required within today’s supply chain. Serving as the key link between processing and distribution, Connex™ offers the ideal transport solution for food, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.

Connex™ is a strong, yet flexible line of plastic chain conveyors made to accommodate a wide variety of industries and applications. Always factory tested, this line is available in aluminum (AL) and powder coated steel (PC) and is suitable for the following industries:

  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Production with light cleaning requirements
  • Automotive
  • Plastics
  • Printing
  • Personal Care
  • Optical

Aluminum (AL)

The Connex™ AL conveyor utilizes a positive drive, and is anodized to ensure corrosion resistance. This quiet, modular design is lightweight and easy to install, reducing lead time.

Powder-Coated Steel (PC)

Connex™ powder-coated steel systems are designed to satisfy most layouts and handling requirements. These plastic chain conveyors are utilized in industries from packaging to personal care.


Connex™ Features and Benefits

  • Modular design is easy to install, with no welding required in the field.
Multiple Chain Types Available
  • Standard chain is provided, with other chain types available depending on your requirements.
Two Different Lines
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and compact for optimal flexibility and easy installation.
  • Powder-Coated Steel: Satisfies most layouts and handling requirements while providing flexibility.
Variety of Industries
  • Applications from packaging and automotive to food production and personal care.

Download our Connex™ Brochure to learn more about this plastic chain conveyor line.

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