Distribution & Fulfillment

Distribution & FulfillmentIndustry Solutions for: Residential Building Products, Manufactured Home Goods, Direct Mail, Retail Department Stores, Auto parts and Accessories...


Manufactured Home Goods

Case Study Focus: Multifaceted Distribution Channel For Manufactured Goods

Key System Solutions: Carrier Selection System, Sortation, Truck Loaders

Product Handled: Candles, Glassware, Brass Items

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Retail Department Stores

Case Study Focus: Cross Docking For Retail Distribution

Key System Solutions: Receiving, Cross-Docking, Processing, Fluid Loading

Product Handled: Apparel, Electronics, Cookware, Merchandise

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Residental Building ProductsCase Study Focus: Finished Goods Packaging System

Key System Solutions: Flexible Production Work Cells, Large Item Transfers

Product Handled: Residential Doors and Hardware

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Direct Mail

Case Study Focus: Direct Mail Processing Center

Key System Solutions: Sorting Of Mail Trays, Buffers For Load Balancing

Product Handled: Printed Direct Mail

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Auto Parts & AccessoriesCase Study Focus: Wholesale Distribution Of Auto Parts And Accessories

Key System Solutions: Zone To Zone Routing, Inspection & Manifesting

Product Handled: Automotive Parts

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