When assembly operations move large, heavy items, workers often need special material handling accessories to help them in the assembly process. In many cases, the large items are conveyed with low elevation conveyors. When assemblers need easy access to the products, some sort of lift must be employed to provide good ergonomics in the workplace.

This pneumatic lift station was designed to lift 2000 lb. multi-deck merchandiser refrigerators so assemblers can work on them without bending. The conveyor is 13 ft. long and the lift station has a net lift of 10 in. The station raises from 8 in. (top of roller) to 18 in. (top of roller). Air bags provide the lifting action. The lift is stabilized by 12-1/2 in. long guide bolts and two heavy-duty linkage kits.

Pneumatic Lift StationPneumatic Lift Station

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