Product Conveyed

Plastic Pallet; 36 in. long x 39 in. wide x 67-1/4 in. high. Weight ranges from 300 lbs minimum to 1700 lbs maximum. Pallets contain 5-gallon water jugs.

How It Is Used

Pallets are moved to a "Star Rotator" and rotated in 90 degree increments in a full 360 degree rotation. The pallets are aligned to enable lift trucks to move the water filled jugs for loading on delivery trucks.

Unusual Specifications

The unit uses a nickel-plated chain due to the fact the conveyor is installed in a water environment.

Interesting Facts

All parts are powder paint coated or nickel-plated. Unit also has a hinged chain guard to allow easy maintenance.

Ref. No. 703506

Lift & Rotate Lift & Rotate

Lift & Rotate Lift & Rotate

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