Transfer CartPowered by a ¾ HP Eurodrive gearmotor with an overall length of 10' and an overall width of 59.25", the transfer cart is able to withstand a weight capacity of 3000lbs. It also has an elevation of 18.5" to top of roller with four single flanged wheels to move it smoothly across the floor.

Other advantages include:

  • Safety bumpers on the leading edges, designed to shut down the system at the slightest bump
  • Opportunities for more open aisle ways
  • Ability to mount other conveyor on top
  • Can be used as a merge or sorter, if throughput allows
  • Tape switches on both sensor edge ends for safety

The 3" roller center 25CREZD conveyor mounted to the transfer cart has two 60 inch zones. The CREZD is powered by two shaft mounted Motovario gearmotors.


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