Conveyor Accessories

EZLogic® Components


Hytrol has once again created the most advanced zero-pressure accumulation system in the world. While featuring the same EZLogic® familiarity, GEN3 incorporates new technologies for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. The components listed are used on the following conveyors: 138-NSPEZ, 190-NSPEZ, 190-NSPEZC, ABEZ, 190-PREZ, 190-PREZC, 25-LREZ, 199-CREZD, 25-CREZD, 36-CREZD, CCEZ, DCEZ-60, DCEZ-63, DCEZ-82, DCEZ-83, and PLEZD.


Manual Gates are available for use with a variety of conveyors. Gates provide a passageway for personnel, lift trucks, and other equipment.

Photo shown is Manual Gate for 1-3/8 in. dia. roller conveyor.

Poly-Tier Supports / Ceiling Hangers

Poly-tier supports provide sturdy support for multi-level conveyor lines. Heights available from 36 in. to 120 in. in 6 in. increments. 1-1/2 in. I.D. (1.9 in. O.D.) crosspipe assembly mounted to 1-3/4 in. x 4 in. x 7 ga. steel support legs. Capacity: 1500 lbs. per crosspipe-4500 lbs. per set of legs. Supplied for overall conveyor widths from 10 in. to 42 in. wide. Knee braces are supplied to provide extra stability to support.

Floor Supports / Casters

Casters are easily bolted to conveyor floor supports for portable applications. Steel or rubber wheels available in either rigid or swivel type.

Portable Castered Curve Support / Tripod Stand / Adjustable Roller Stand

Portable Castered Curve Support allows curved sections of gravity skatewheel or 1-3/8 in. dia. roller curves to be easily moved. Floor locks can be supplied-optional.

Package Stops

Angle End Stop mounts to end of conveyor for stopping boxes, cartons, etc. Bolts to top flange of conveyor channels. Available in all standard widths.

Swing Arm Diverter


The Swing Arm Diverter is a precisely timed flat faced, pivot arm diverter for use with the Model SB belt conveyor to deflect cartons across the conveyor belt. Its unique cylinder arrangement allows it to divert cartons at very high rates across the conveyor belt onto the divert chute.

Swing Arm Plow Assembly


The Swing Arm Plow Assembly is a precisely timed plow arm diverter designed for use with the Model SB belt conveyor. The plow is specifically designed for diverting totes onto powered spurs. It also features a flat-faced plow option for carton diverting.

Turntables / Plows


Powered Turntables, Manually Operated Turntables and Plows

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