Belted Conveyor

TA - Medium Duty Slider Bed

A very versatile conveyor, the Model TA can be used in many types of material handling situations such as assembly line operations, sorting, packing, and inspection. Conveyor sets up quickly and easily to save on installation time.

TL - Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor

The Model TL with its rugged, heavy-duty construction, is ideally used for long assembly line operations, inspections, testing, sorting, and packing. Conveyor can be floor supported or ceiling hung.

TR - Medium Duty Troughed

The Model TR with built-in guard rails is ideal for overhead conveying applications. It easily conveys boxes, cartons, cases, bags, etc. as well as loose parts.

SB - Medium Duty

The Model SB is a slider bed conveyor designed with channel frames and bolt in pans. Frame design makes it ideal for matching up with roller bed conveyors.

TH - Trash Belt

The Model TH is designed to handle empty cardboard boxes and paper trash.

ALT1000 - Plastic Chain Belt Conveyor
New Product

The ALT1000 is a plastic chain belt conveyor with anodized aluminum beam frame designed to carry light weight products. The components can be combined in many different ways; therefore the system can grow as production increases.

TS1500-140 - Transnorm Belt Curve

The Model TS1500-140 provides a positive flow of products by means of a belt, driven by tapered pulleys. Conveyor is versatile in that it can transport a wide variety of products. Available in 45°,60°, 90°, and 180° turns. Other degrees available. Contact Transnorm.

TS4100-150 - Transnorm Mega Merge

The Model TS4100-150 uses a bilateral belt guide system to ensure constant and precise belt tracking that allows a minimal length and maximum width merge area. Other widths and lengths available, Contact Transnorm.

TS4200 - Transnorm Junction Conveyor

The Transnorm TS4200/150 is a belt conveyor with an angled terminal at one end allowing product to feed onto or discharge from a main line at 30° or 45°.

TS-Chute - Transnorm Safeglide® Spiral Chute

The Transnorm Safeglide® Spiral Chute exhibits a sophisticated and controlled method of delivering most products from a higher elevation down a lower level. These chutes are available in four (4) sizes to accommodate a large range of products. Other degrees available. Contact Transnorm.

  • Multiple Sizes and Configurations
  • Center Column with Glass wrapped around it
  • Gel Coat Surface
  • F.O.B. Arlington, Texas

RB - Medium Duty

The Model RB is designed to move heavier loads. Roller bed design reduces belt friction and provides greater capacity. Applications include: assembly, inspection and packing operations.

CRB - Troughed Roller Bed

The Model CRB is ideally used in scrap handling and recycling operations. The roller bed with deep troughed construction can carry culled or broken glass, cans, wood chips, aluminum, steel, plastic stampings, etc. The CRB is widely used in recycling operations as an environmental conveyor.

PLEZD - Heavy Duty Plastic Belt Accumulating (EZLogic®)

The Model PLEZD is a plastic belt conveyor designed to handle footed pallets, slip sheets, unitized loads, etc.-items normally non-conveyable on roller conveyor. The PLEZD provides Zero Back Pressure accumulation, reducing the possibility of product damage.

SL - Heavy Duty Horizontal Slat

The Model SL steel belt slat conveyor is rugged in design providing lasting, dependable performance. It can be used to convey hot, oily parts or to move items through heat drying processes. It can also be used for assembly line and production operations.

TW - Wire Mesh Belt

The Model TW with wire belt can carry hot or cold parts from ovens or freezers. Can be used in drying operations.

PSB - Plastic Belt

The Model PSB with modular plastic belting uses a positive drive system to eliminate belt slippage and mistracking.

PSBC - Plastic Belt Curve


The Model PSBC with modular plastic belting uses a positive drive system to eliminate belt slippage and mistracking.

C - Cleated Belt

The Model C handles bags, boxes, cartons, and parts. It may be set at any angle from horizontal to 45° for various uses, including floor-to-floor conveying and the transportation of materials from building to truck or box car.

SBI - Floor to Floor Slider Bed

The Model SBI is a floor-to-floor incline conveyor. It is equipped with an adjustable double nose-over at the discharge end to insure a smooth transfer from incline to horizontal plane. Inclines are easily adjusted up to 30°. This conveyor can also be used as a booster conveyor in gravity flow systems.

RBI - Floor to Floor Roller Bed

The Model RBI is a floor-to-floor incline conveyor. It is equipped with an adjustable double nose-over at the discharge end to ensure a smooth transfer from incline to horizontal plane. Inclines are easily adjusted up to 30°. This conveyor can also be used as a booster conveyor in gravity flow systems.

A - Aluminum Portable Narrow Belt Conveyor

The Model A, with its Roughtop belt, easily moves boxes, cases, and cartons up inclines. Its narrow width allows it to be used in a stairway for floor-to-floor conveying. It can be propped on a shelf for stacking or order picking. The Model A can be stored on its end in a minimum amount of space.

R - Aluminum Portable Folding Belt Conveyor

The Model R, besides being extremely convenient (it can be folded in half), is also extremely versatile. For example, its conveying uses include: truck, loft or freight car, floor-to-floor, stairway, as well as its use as a portable booster with a wheel or roller conveyor. It is also suitable for bag handling, bag and carton stacking, and moving cartons, cases, and boxes.

B - Portable Folding Cleated Conveyor

Ideal for stacking, loading, and unloading. Cleats permit use at steeper inclines up to 45°. Complete with portable base.

BA - Portable Folding Booster Belt

The Model BA is ideal for stacking, loading and unloading. One lever control adjusts angle without effort. Desired angle automatically locked by power screw.

BL - Portable Folding Booster Belt Conveyor


The longer Model BL can be used to convey material from one floor to another... or to a balcony area. Its long bed can also extend far into a truck, thereby minimizing the distance for loading or unloading the conveyor.

PC - Portable Parts Conveyor

The Model PC can be used as a portable or permanent parts conveyor. Side guards and cleated belt easily catch small stampings, plastic parts, etc., and carry them to hoppers or drums. Flapper guard prevents parts from falling through conveyor.

PCX - Low Profile Portable Parts

The portable Model PCX parts conveyor can be easily positioned under punch presses and extruding machines to catch small steel, plastic, or aluminum stampings, etc. The PCX conveys them quickly up to a hopper or drum.

PCH - Piano Hinge Parts

The Model PCH parts conveyor with hinged steel belt is ideal for carrying hot, oily parts from punch presses, forging machines, etc., to drums, hoppers, or other operations. Configurations range from straight to Z type units.

PCA - Light Duty Portable Parts

The portable Model PCA conveyor is easily positioned in or under punch presses, injection molding machines, extruding equipment, and other machinery where small steel or aluminum stampings, plastic parts, etc. must be quickly conveyed to hoppers or drums to keep production on the move.

New Product

Hytrol is pleased to announce its new RBE24EZ. This full-width belt conveyor utilizes Hytrol's E24™ technology in addition to the EZLogic® Accumulation System. It is designed for material handling applications where accumulation of small items, such as letters and poly bags, is required.

New Product

The model RBIE24EZ Accumulating Incline is a floor-to-floor incline conveyor which uses a series of 24VDC motors to drive full width belt over roller zones. It can be equipped with a nose-over transition section at the discharge end to ensure a smooth transition from the incline to horizontal plane.

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