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"This solution was delivered by a Hytrol integration partner. They retrofitted the old order delivery system and developed business-specific software to continue high volume handling and shipping postponement strategies."
- Vice President of Distribution

Food And

"The system was implemented on time, on budget and without a hitch. A lot of credit goes to our Hytrol integration partner, who helped us design and implement the system."
- Vice President of Logistics

and Fulfillment

"The new installation has already given us a number of important benefits. It has reduced product handling and increased throughput. And at the same time, it's given us added control over product flow."
-Director of Operations


"We were in the bid process with several other dealers and our Hytrol integration partner came up with the most efficient, affordable and workable design for us. Working with them was a great experience. They delivered on everything they promised."
- Chief Financial Officer


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Hytrol Honors 9 Employees with Tower of Strength Award(Jonesboro, AR) Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc. presented nine employees with their Tower of Strength award on Monday, November 19, 2012. The award honors employees for forty consecutive years of service. The name itself, Tower of Strength, signifies the qualities one must possess to attain this distinction. The nine recipients of the award were: Hershel Williams, Tommy Holmes, Larrie Woodard, James Williams, Lennis McClure, Jimmy Becker, Jerry West, Ron Johnson and Mike Millsap.

Phillip Poston, Manager of Marketing, began the presentation with a brief history of world events beginning in 1972; this was the time period when all nine employees started their careers at Hytrol. He then recognized each recipient and made note that most recipients worked in several different areas during their time with the company. When given the opportunity to speak about their time with the company, several of the honorees mentioned that their family members are current or former employees of Hytrol.

Hytrol’s President, Gregg Goodner, took the opportunity to thank the gentleman for their commitment to the company. He stated that he was “blessed to have the chance to work with each one of these men. They exemplify what Hytrol stands for and represent the love one has to have to be a part of the Hytrol Family."

To conclude the presentations, each employee was honored with a stainless steel plaque laser engraved with their likeness. These awards are displayed on the columns at Hytrol, along with previous honorees and those to come. Hytrol has now presented twenty-two of the most dedicated employees with their Tower of Strength award.


Phillip Poston, Manager of Marketing
Hytrol Conveyor Company

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