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"We've been very happy with the
performance of the system."
- SVP Global Fulfillment


"I would consider Hytrol
part of our family."
- Engineering & Maintenance Manager

California Cartage

"We looked for a relationship
we could trust."

Dotcom Distribution

"Everyone had a vested interest
to make the system a success."
- VP of Operations

Edward Don &

"The new operation has given us
overall about 30% more output."
- Director of Warehouse Operation

LD Products

"The Hytrol system is great:
pretty much set it and let it go."
- Systems Operator

Washington Fruit

"They helped us from start to finish.
The Hytrol equipment has been outstanding."
- Night Shift Manager

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Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.   •   A world leader in the manufacturing of conveyor systems



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The Product Catalog

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The Hytrol Experience

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Who We Are

About Hytrol

Hytrol Conveyor Company building in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Hytrol is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced conveyor systems, controls and solutions for customers with processing, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution needs. Since our founding in 1947, we have demonstrated an unwavering dedication to understanding the material handling needs of businesses in varying industries. From a single conveyor unit to a comprehensive material handling system, Hytrol creates world-class solutions with world-class service.

How Hytrol Stands Out

 Integration Partners: The Hytrol Integration Partner Network is composed of more than 100 locations around the world ready to serve you. Each integration partner offers local presence, on-site expertise and instant service that today's businesses require.

Innovation: Our experienced team of engineers is devoted to designing, testing and implementing ideas for new conveyor models and systems. We offer highly efficient computer-controlled conveyor systems and fully-automated, high-speed sortation systems that can dramatically cut material handling costs, helping you reach your efficiency goals.

Best On-Time Shipping: We provide on-going support by maintaining an extensive inventory of conveyors and conveyor accessories. We ship stock products within 24 hours or we pay the freight ourselves. This inventory includes over 50 conveyor models in more than 2,400 sizes.

Hytrol has created a reputation for durability, reliability and quality. Our innovative designs, competitive pricing, exceptional service, and outstanding product availability have made us one of the largest manufacturers of conveyors and conveying hardware in the world.


Corporate Profile

Tom LobergTom Loberg (1917-2004)

Since 1947, only one conveyor manufacturer has based its entire sales and marketing effort on a philosophy of fierce dedication to its distributor network and to its customers. By maintaining our relationship with local integrators and creating innovative designs, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and excellent product availability, we have achieved phenomenal growth.

In 1962, Hytrol relocated to Jonesboro, Arkansas with 26 employees in a 27,000 square feet facility. Today, we employ more than 1,000 people in a manufacturing facility covering more than 600,000 square feet. In 2016, Hytrol completed a $12 million and 62,000 square feet expansion of its facilities, adding a building addition, new equipment and an employee parking lot.

Hytrol has accumulated one of the most impressive histories of growth in the materials handling industry. A large part of that growth comes from adhering to the belief that only integration partners can offer the local presence, the on-site expertise, and the instant service today's industrial customers require. With more than 100 locations across the globe, these independent companies provide an advantage for the customer with their Hytrol solution.

As our founder Tom Loberg said: "We're in the business of manufacturing conveyors; our distributors are in the business of selling them. By working closely with our distributors, we form a unique three-way partnership between our company, our distributors, and our customers. That's been Hytrol's philosophy since 1947, and it has never wavered."


Our Leadership

David Peacock, President
David Peacock
Bob West, Vice President of Corporate Development
Bob West
Vice President of
Corporate Development
Chuck Waddle, P.E., Vice President of Business Development
Chuck Waddle, P.E.
Vice President of
Business Development
Delos Fritz, Chief Information Officer
Delos Fritz
Chief Information Officer
Chris Glenn, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations
Chris Glenn
Vice President of
Manufacturing and Engineering Operations

World Class Manufacturing Facility

We believe that every process should bring value to the customer, and that's why Hytrol's world class manufacturing facility operates in a lean environment. By practicing lean manufacturing, six sigma, and maintenance excellence, we are able to service our customers efficiently with quality products at reasonable prices. The combination of these three practices makes our Hytrol Power Lean unique to other lean environments. Power Lean is a long-term business philosophy, strategy, and relentless attack on waste, whether it is on our production floor or within any of our business processes.

Our Power Lean Environment

The Hytrol environment is continually working toward and improving upon its goals with the following mindsets:

Lean Manufacturing - a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination.

Six Sigma - a practice that seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.

Maintenance Excellence - a plant-wide approach to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, longevity and availability of mechanical equipment.

Research & Development

Hytrol develops new products and enhances current technology through research and design collaboration with Integration Partners and customers. The Hytrol Technology Center transforms those customer expectations into innovative application-specific solutions. Along with the Product Test Center at Hytrol's main facility, the Technology Center provides opportunities to test and evaluate "real-world" customer scenarios every day.


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