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Conveyor Application Guide What It Is:
A high availability process developed from 60 years of experience with serving customers like you. Most items can ship in 24 hours!

What It Means To You:
You don't waste valuable production opportunities waiting on the right equipment because our process allows you a significant amount of equipment customization. Thus, you get what you need when you need it. We guarantee it!

Stockyard Products

Belt Conveyor Belt Conveyor
  • Popular package handling conveyors
  • Inexpensive, simple construction
  • Quiet & easy to install
Gravity Conveyor Light Duty Gravity
  • Convey various weight packages
  • Set up temporary conveyor lines
  • Used in warehousing, shipping departments and assembly areas
Incline/Decline Conveyor Incline/Decline Conveyor
  • Convey items between elevations
  • Great between floor levels
Supports Supports
  • Stationary & temporary supports to best fit your needs
  • LS, MS, HS & Tripod Supports
Live Roller Conveyor Live Roller Conveyor
  • Inexpensive, simple & quiet
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Valuable in operations requiring high performance and minimal downtime
Accessories Accessories
  • All the extras to complete your system
  • End Stops, Guard Rails, Gates, Casters, Ball Transfer Tables
Accumulating Conveyor Accumulating Conveyor
  • General transport conveyors
  • Quiet operation, versatile design
  • Easy installation & maintenance
Electrical Controls Electrical Controls
  • Manual Start Switches, Power Cord & Plug, AC Variable Speed Drives, Single Phase & 3 Phase Magnetic Starters, Push Button Stations
Portable Conveyor Portable Conveyor
  • Set up fast and store until needed.
  • Perfectly suited for intermittent use or multi-purpose areas
Replacement Parts Replacement Parts
  • Motors, Bearings, Rollers & Pulleys, Electric & Pneumatic Devices, Belting & Chain, Part No. Search

Buy Stockyard Products Online!

In Stock & Online
Before you call your distributor to place your Stockyard order, you can research the conveyor you need right from their online store. Or, if you already know what you need, place your order directly in the store.

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Our Guarantee - If we're late, we pay the freight!

  • 24-Hour Standard Items
    • Our most popular Gravity, Belt & Powered Conveyors
    • Over 70,000 standard options
    • Conveniently buy online!
  • 1-Week Standard Items
    • Curves, CDLR, Zero Pressure & Heavy Duty Gravity
    • Choose from 5 different custom colors

Standard Stockyard Paint Colors

Any conveyors ordered from the Jonesboro Stockyard are now available for 1 week shipment with any of the five optional standard powder paint colors!
Standard Green Paint - 24-Hour Dark Blue Paint - 1-Week White Paint - 1-Week Beige Paint - 1-Week Black Paint - 1-Week Grey Paint - 1-Week
*Please note that due to variances in screen resolutions this may not be an exact color representation.

Installation & Maintenance

Installation & Maintenance ManualsAll power conveyors ship with installation and maintenance manuals for in-house installation. Or if you would like help, our distributors are trained on every detail of conveyor installation & offer services to do so.
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